11. Jan, 2018

Happy Hall Hunting - 4th January

I’ve got this rule that I can’t go more than two days without finding a cache, e.g, if I find one on Day 1 then I must find one at least on Day 4. Now I’m in the grip of this sodding flu but I need to get out for a cache. Fool, but I have this rule!🤔

So the nearest unfound to me is a new trad called Happy Hall Hunting in Orsett. I knew Orsett had a hall which burnt down recently but I’d never been there or seen it and I still haven’t.🙁 I parked up in the designated car parking space near the Village Hall, (maybe this is the hall in question?) and had a quick find of a very well placed cache as per the hint. 

Now it was back home to the warm with my rule still unbroken. 😀


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