11. Jan, 2018

Routine Rayleigh -7th January

I’m still suffering but I have to get out, see the previous blog.😀 There were a couple of trad caches in Rayleigh that looked reasonable to get. The first was the new CM at Holy Trinity at the top of the High Street. I didn’t realise that the one that was here had been archived. The new one was near a car park with free parking on Sundays so I was onto a winner already. The cache was in the first place that I looked so I was a double winner.😀

I then drove down to Rayleigh Station to try for Nathan’s SideTracked cache. The hint was spot on and the cache couldn’t be anywhere else but it was MIA. I had a good look but the wind was bitter  so I didn’t stay longer than ten minutes. I have my one cache and that’s enough for me. I’ll be so pleased when I’m back to my normal fit and active self again.

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