11. Jan, 2018

Warley Wanderers - 9th January

I’m feeling much better and this sodding flu is starting to wane so I gave myself an hour to stretch my legs and get some stamina back. A few caches in a reasonably closed proximity had been published in Great Warley near Brentwood so It seemed silly not to have a try for them.

The trouble was that I couldn’t get parked anywhere near where I wanted to be. However, a plan emerged. I parked on double yellow lines and did a speedy cache & cache at - the postman has got the post - and then I drove up to Warley Hill where I knew that I could get two hours free parking. The trouble with this was that it was half a mile from where I wanted to be.🙁

After I’d got back to the next cache, a traditional- Leafy,  I noted that it had had more than its share of DNFs in its short life. However, I didn’t have any trouble and quickly found and logged the cache. Now there was a bonus for this cache. I looked for the written coords for the mystery Leafy Bonus and found that they were in radians.☹️ This caused me some grief as I didn’t know how to convert them but the old Geocaching Toolbox came to my rescue. The “proper“ coords showed that the bonus cache was about a half a mile away and between me and it was a Letterbox cache - Warleys Letterbox so I decided to tackle that first.

Arriving at GZ, I found a notice board to the Warley Park and had to work out the coords from the information on the board. I quickly had this sorted and took off in the same direction as the Leafy  Bonus. I had a quick find of the Letterbox cache, retrieving a TB too, then crossed the road and picked up the bonus cache hidden behind a huge tree trunk. All I had to do now was get back to the car. I walked through the re-developed grounds of the former Essex Regiment barracks and latter Lunatic Asylum which was renamed Warley Mental Hospital wishing that there were more caches to be found on route. However, it was a good walk and I didn’t suffer any after effects.

2 Traditional, 1 Mystery, 1 Letterbox