14. Jan, 2018

Up the “Fleet” Without A Paddle

I’m still hobbling but today is the selected day of the weekend for geocaching. I must be home by 10 am so I’ve come for an early start around Greenhithe and Northfleet across the bridge in Kent. My first cache was the trad at SideTracked Greenhithe but everywhere was yellow lines. I found a car park free on weekends about 300 yards away. Wow, did I hobble! I must have seized up on the 28 minute drive over so it took me a time to loosen up. I had a quick find of a well positioned cache and after signing the log, I had to hobble back to the car park.

There was another cache down the road called Virtually Free, I Mean Three Challenge. The qualification for this 4/2 Challenge is to find three virtual caches in another non UK country. I’ve done this in the US and Prague, Hungary so I’m in luck. The cache was a quick find as it was 6’ up a street sign so I was just tall enough.😀

I was just checking what other caches were around and another Mystery cache, Hedwig’s Roost was just down the road. I had solved this one some time ago and had put the checked coords in. So this was an unexpected treat for me and the 2.5/1.5 was soon in hand. All I had to do now was get back to the car. 😬

Next up were a couple of trads close together called Red Bridge Footpath #1 and #2. I finally found the start of the footpath and walked down to #2 for a quick find. Unfortunately, the footpath was completely sealed off due to a dangerous bridge over the railway. Fair enough, but I had to walk miles around the estate to #1 when it is probably 200 yards down the path in a straight line.🤔 I had to crouch down to get the cache which I could have done without! 😢 I now had to walk all the way back.😡

I had time for three more caches. The first was ebbsfleet, a trad which had had a long line of DNFs. Looking at the hint, the cache could only have been on one place but it was certainly a MIA. I walked on to Eye spy - give me an O, another trad and I had a quick find of a well placed cache. I’d parked outside the Ebbsfleet FC (Up The Fleet!) so whilst walking back there, I had another look at the notes for the ebbsfleet and saw that the CO hadn’t been active for a couple of years. I had a replacement cache in hand so made the difficult decision to replace it. I could have left the cache to be archived sometime to give someone else a go at placing the cache but decided that having something to find would be better.😀

The last cache of the day was the CM Northfleet- Christian, another traditional. Once I had found a place to park, I made a very quick find of a well placed cache. Now it was back to the lottery of the traffic through the tunnel. Luckily I had a smooth ride through for a change.

2 Mystery, 6 Traditional