18. Jan, 2018

Essex Meet-Up - 17th January

Tonight was the 49th meeting of the Essex Geocachers (other cachers are welcome😀) in the Woolpack PH in Chelmsford.

I walked through the door and didn’t stop talking until two hours later when I left. In hindsight, I didn’t even get up to the bar for a drink. I spoke to a couple of new faces to me Fire Scouter and colapop68 for quite a while and then managed a quick chat with dizzygirl before she left. I found out some good information on herseries - Bishop’s Bumble in Stortford especially about #8 - Below.😉

I also spoke to Beastmarsta who is coming to my event for Oz Day in Maldon and nathanjhunt about our trip to Dublin in a couple of weeks. This was one of the best events, socially, that I’ve been to. Perhaps I‘m feeling more confident.🤔

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