18. Jan, 2018

A Beano To Clacton

I’ve had a Clacton Day list prepared for a couple of months now and decided that today was the day for the trip up to NE Essex. However, the gales last night threatened to put a stop to that. I checked the weather report this morning and the report on the roads and there didn’t seem to be many problems apart from the lingering win. I left a little bit later than normal to miss the traffic and let the winds die down. 💨

The first cache of the day was the Colchester Road Stamp trad, another one of the splendid series set by VIP Tom on pedestal letter boxes through North Essex. These caches have helped so much in my survey of Essex letterboxes for the LBSG.😉 After a very quick find, I was off to the next cache. There was a cluster of trads including the Great Clacton CM around here and they were all quick finds for me. At the last one, Roxie Remembered, I dropped off three TBs that I had been carrying around. 😀

Looking at my record of the day, it was mainly a procession of trads, quickly found, around Holland-on-Sea and Clacton in parks, car parks, streets and along the seafront. There were a couple of DNFs but the highlight of the day was the Earthcache - Life’s A Beach #55  where I learnt all about Longshore Drift.👍🏻

It seems that I’ve cut this one a bit short and I suppose I have but c’est la vie.🤔

1 Earthcache 30 Traditional