21. Jan, 2018

And The AA Man Came Calling

I’d planned for a walk this weekend and as the weather yesterday was awful in the morning, today was the day. A nice dry window early on with rain starting at nine. I’d visited Where Pigs Fly and when I got back to the car, I found that the car wouldn’t start.☹️ I phoned up the AA who quickly turned and diagnosed a knackered battery.🤬 Luckily he had a spare on board and I was soon ready to roll.

I only had an hour of my allotted time left so I vroomed over to the former Warley Hospital site for a quick find of the trad To-Twit To-Warley which was overlooked by a wooden sculpture. Back where in the car, it started first time.🤫 I was now after a cache that had proved elusive on a couple of occasions, Tomb Raider, Another trad was hidden in a very old graveyard near the High Street. This time I saw  the cache on the approach.😀

With time running out, I was off to a Mystery cache called the common man. I’d worked out the puzzle a couple of weeks ago so I had enough time to look for it. It was so on show, I was amazed that it was still there.😀

1 Mystery, 3 Traditional