4. Feb, 2018

Frolicking Around Farningham

The aches from clambering around Bray Head last Thursday are beginning to ease but geocachers must carry on! This morning, being a Sunday, that it’s an early start in Kent as dawn breaks. I’d decided to come down to Farningham to pick up some more of JazzyJessups Troll Stroll. I’d done some of the northern section before but this time I’m starting near the end of the series in town.

I quickly collected nos. #29 and #28 as C&Ds but parked up near #27 to do the remainder of the caches on this morning’s list. According to the log, the previous cacher had spent three hours looking for this one and DNFed. I walked up and plucked it off the sign, strange how things turn out.🤔

I walked up the A20 making fairly easy caches until I got to #24.Here I turned into the fields and began to walk away from the noise of the traffic. It was a cold, crisp morning but the sun was shining, almost perfect conditions. I passed the frolicking sheep, some of which were quite wary of me. I worked my way along the ridge passing the tests set by the CO with flying colours. I reached Gabrielspring Road and found #17.It was here that I decided to turn back and retrace my steps as I needed to be home by 1000. At least I know that there is a decent parking place next to #17 for me to continue the series another time.

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