7. Feb, 2018

Small Interest in Saffron - 6th February

I had a couple of hours but I had to get some shopping so I decided to drive over to Brentwood. I needed to arrange an appointment at my building society so popped in there to sort one out. I wasn’t too impressed to find that the interest on my savings account had dropped again.😡

So to drown my sorrows, I went looking for some caches. I had a quick find not far from the High Street of the trad Highway to Hopefield. This was followed by two quick new mysteries that I’d solved before. One was at the War Memorial and one at the St Thomas Becket CM. 

From here, I went to the outskirts of town and spent some time hunting for the trad at the County High School. Wow, this was tough, the coords seemed out or it could have been the tree cover. I eventually found the slim tube tucked in its tiny hidey hole.😀 I crossed the road into the woods off Shenfield Common for another trad that has proved elusive. However, I had a real quick find as the coords and hint were spot on.👍🏻 

Now came the downside! I had to get the shopping! Well, at least I got free parking there so no all bad. Just time for coffee and cake before the free parking period finished and off to the final cache. A quick find at the very easy trad - A Great View # Brentwood -a contradiction if there ever was one. If this cache stays in place for more than a week, I’ll be surprised.🤔

2 Mystery 4 Traditional