8. Feb, 2018

Across The Borderline

I’d spent a day wandering around South Suffolk a couple of weeks ago hoping to get into Sudbury but I never quite made it.šŸ¤” This week, I was coming back hoping to work my way in from the West via the small villages in the north of Essex.

I started off in Great Henny and moving onto Middleton picking up some more of the SEBC series. I had a quick find of the Fine Pair in Middleton followed by the #VS trads in Twinstead and Bulmer. This little Essex village almost on the borderline would be the base for a long trad series - the Bulmer - Belchamp Walter Circular.

The series was approximately five miles with some great views on the higher ground. I passed a folly built around 1750, see the photo and the remains of an old Roman Villa. The fourteen caches were all at the lower end of the DT scale but the walk was splendid apart the rise in height at the end. 

After lunch, I drove the short distance to Borley for the CM and on to Borley Green for the FIne Pair. The letter box was a LB 3223/4 as was the box in Middleton. The cache was cunningly hidden in a nearby resting place.šŸ¤«

I worked my way into East Sudbury picking up more trads. One that deserved a fave was Mini Strawberry, a 2.5/1.5 trad outside a mini supermarket. There were peple standing around chatting and a telephone box that begged for a cache. Unfortunately the box wasn‘t the host but as I stood back and thought about it, I spotted the very cunning cache. How did they get permission for that?

With time running out, I finally got to find one of the Whts Mssng puzzle series, #3. This series has been set by some friends who I’ve met at various Essex events - OG&B. Their dog is the B and they are the Old Gits.šŸ˜€ I quickly found their very well placed cache and set off down the lane to the CM Chilton, finishing off the day with another two trads in the SEBC series. There was another SEBC nearby but that was a 2/4 tree climb so I left that for another day.šŸ˜¬

1 Mystery, 34 Traditional