11. Feb, 2018

Longing For Longfield

Another early start in cold Kent but also the worst possible start - a DNF at a vanished Vanishing Act.😢 However just down the road on the way into Longfield, I got over my doom and gloom by finding the three mysteries - Caching Karma, 50 and Swanley : Gateway to Essex.😀

I had a couple of problems with VS Longfield multi. The GZ according to the coords were in the middle of the allotments but when I found the VS, I also noted that the info source was missing. I posted a note highlighting the point. There was another multi at the CM down the road but I found this info ok and quickly found the cache.😀

I had another failure at the SideTracked in Longfield, joining the long list before me. The nearby letterbox cache - It’s Christmas was a quick find as was the gUs trad a couple of miles away in New Ash Green. I had great fun at the nearby CM multi but came away empty handed.🤔 I found the source info ok, worked out the coords and spotted the clever hint at GZ. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the cache. There were some cracking hidey holes here any of which would be worth a fave. I look forward to coming back here again.👍🏻

I started with a DNF so it was fitting that I should finish with one. The Event/Challenge - Silver Challenge Mystery was down the road, in fact the coords put the cache on the white line down the middle of the road?🤔 Sans hint, I had a good look around but no joy, one for another time.

1 Trad, 1 Multi, 1 Letterbox, 3 Mystery