13. Feb, 2018

Chadwell Certainly

I needed a cache (or two) today so I didn’t break my record of only going two days without finding a cache.🤔 I had spotted a couple of trads appear over in Chadwell St. Mary near Tilbury recently so off we go.

I hadn’t been over this way for years so I followed the satnav to - Second of my Series, a 1.5/1.5,which had caused some cachers, some grief. I found that there was an open space, Wickham Fields here is set off for GZ. I struck lucky almost immediately here.😀 There were a number of hint items and as I bent over to look at the first one, I glance to my left and spotted the silver nano in another hint item. 😀

On the way to the next trad - He’s a bit slow but I’m sure you will catch up - I saw some post boxes that needed surveying.🤫 I had a quick find of a well placed cache at GZ so I had two caches in the bag and the record continues.

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