16. Feb, 2018

Shooting Around Shotley - 15th February

It’s hard deciding where to go for a whole day’s caching nowadays. I look at the map, find a cluster of green spots and plan it from there. Today, I’ve decided to go back to the Shotley Peninsula in Suffolk. I’ve done a day up that way before working my way back from HMS Ganges in Shotley. 

I worked out a route up the A12, through East Bergholt, approaching Cattawade from the East, then caching along the Southern half of the peninsula, maybe getting into the North but that’s probably too optimistic.🤔

My caching day started at sun-up in Higham, on the A12 just into Suffolk. One of Nathan’s A12 series had gone missing and I’d got the all clear to replace the Higham #1. Everybody’s happy, we have a win-win situation. 😀

I headed into East Bergholt and picked up #129 of the SEBC series from under an LB3223/4.😀 I followed this with the Stumped trad at the nearby cricket club. Now in Cattawade, I found another two SEBCs, another trad at Five Little Ducks but DNFed the - Bridging The Divide 2 - on the White Bridge which forms the boundary between Essex and Suffolk.

Moving further into Suffolk, I found five more trads and then ran into a spot of bother at SEBC #136 on the outskirts of Stutton. I’d found the trad that had proved elusive to others and two Landrovers pulled up. One chap, who turned out to be the head gamekeeper, asked me what I was doing. I explained Geocaching to him for a few minutes and he seemed very interested. He then told me that I was on private land and he wanted the cache removed.☹️ I explained to him that I was on a public footpath and showed him that on the OS map. He countered that the footpath ran down the middle of the private lane and I was ten yards off it. He added that they put down traps for weasels and stoats so didn’t want people wandering off track. I’d run out of counter arguments so agreed to remove the cache for him.  Luckily the CO is going to re-position the cache rather than archive it. 👍🏻

Now in Stutton, I quickly found the trad at the Welcome sign and moved on to The Daisy Bank. What an odd cache. You had to look into a traffic mirror and spot the cache somewhere over your left shoulder.🤔 A few cachers had failed to spot it but I had a quick find, so lucky, it had to have a fave. I’d spotted an old post box into the way to town or should I say village so I went back to have a look. It was a splendid G5R Ludlow wall box which was shouting out to be photographed.😀

Two more SEBCs and I was at the Alton Water cache. Whilst I was signing the log, a dog walker stopped for a chat. She introduced herself as Godfrey4, a local cacher. With the dog straining at the leash, we parted company and I set off for Holbrook. Three trads were quickly found here and I then went looking for the CM multi. I found the info item and soon had the coords. However, at GZ, the cache was nowhere to be found. It has since been found, some distance from GZ and now put back in place. 🤫

Between Holbrook and Harkstead, I found another 20 of the SEBC series, only DNFing on #153. It was getting on in the day by now so I decided to plot a route back to the A12. I needed to go through Tattingstone and saw that there was another Welcome there that would make a nice end to the day. The trad was a magnetic nano on a wooden structure. 🤔  There was a hidden steel nail tucked away and there was the cache.

So it had been a very busy day and time to go home. However the road was closed for some reason so I had a long detour to get back on track.

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