17. Feb, 2018

A Short Trip To Longfield

I was in Longfield last week and DNFed a couple of multis but with more info, I was back for another crack.😀 I took another route into the village and about 0700 found Explore Kent, a 3/1 trad that I’ve DNFed before. The cache had been replaced and I was the FTF the new one. I also found SideTracked Bridge 160, another trad.😀

Now, I had been in contact with the CO of the New Ash Green CM and he had noted my problem at   VS Longfield. He sent me the missing info and I had the solved coords with me. I had a quick find of a well hidden cache at GZ. This wasn’t the case at the next one, the Squadron 69 mystery. I’d solved the puzzle, got the coords, got the green light at the checker but no joy at GZ. It’s since been found and although I’ve gained no further info from that, the cache can only be in one place. Why didn’t I check there last time? 😢

The next part of my plan was to complete the Beating The Bounds - NAGs series that I’d started before Christmas. There were 16 caches in the series and I had found 13 of them before. I polished off the remainder, #1, a multi I’d dipped last time, the #15 multi and the last one, a well hidden trad. I then went looking for Nine Horse Wood, a multi. I had gathered the info here last time and had a quick find here of a very well hidden cache. Next up was Balance Beam, a 2/3.5 trad. You can guess what this one entails.🤫

The area was very busy with dog walkers and whilst I was hunting for - The wisdom of the woods, a passing posse asked me what I was doing. I explained Geocaching to them and they seemed very interested. I found the cache but it was wet and not in the greatest condition which didn’t sell the hobby that well to them.🙁

I walked back to the car and reckoned that I had time for two more caches. I eventually found the 5/2.5 Challenge Cache - Bronze Silver Gold mystery but failed on the Mystery/Puzzle Challenge - Bronze. I searched here for a while with horse riders staring at me as they rode past. However I had to give up in order to get home by 1000. I‘ll have to get this another time.😉

5 Traditional 5 Multi 1 Mystery