23. Feb, 2018

Spanish One Step

As usual, our plans for the day change at very short notice.🤐 We had to go over to my daughter’s house in Rayleigh to let a tradesman in. But I needed a cache today so we did a deal.😀 There was a trad “on route“ in Wickford which wouldn’t take us too far off our journey!

There had been a couple of Spanish cachers on the local scene for a little while. Petitllops had children in Catalonia and Wickford and had placed a cache for their grandchildren named Magi - Oleguer - Ellie. I wonder which one lives in Wickford? 🤔

I parked the car right next to GZ and one step took me to the cache, well hidden in ivy. It was a quick find despite some ivy poking me in the eye and we were back on the road to Rayleigh.

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