25. Feb, 2018

WW Revisited Pt 1

Another early start in Kent for me today and my plan is to have another walk around Shoreham, a delightful little village. A previous series, WW (Wonderful Walk) which I had completed, had been archived and replaced with WW Revisited. So I knew the terrain and had worked out a walk for a couple of hours.

I found the CM at Lullingstone not far from Shoreham just after dawn and parked up in the free car park in Shoreham a few minutes later. The series was set up as trad, multi, trad, multi etcetera. I quickly found the well placed #1 but dipped out on #2. This one turned out to be MIA and not down to my blurry eyes.🤫

i worked my way up along the river and across fields picking up the trads and clever multis until I reached #8. As I only had a couple of hours, I backtracked down Castle Farm Road for a mile or so to get to #29. After a quick find of the trad, I found ... and there I will speak to her heart. This multi was based on a glorious old memorial hidden in a small copse. But for Geocaching, I would never have seen this.😀

Back on the WW, I found #30 and walked along the ridge, passing through the woods overlooking the village, finding the caches up to #34. On the ridge was a War Memorial and then down in the village at #34, I found a tea room and adjacent WW2 museum. I will have to come back here again very soon.☕️🍰😀 

Now for the journey back across the QE2 Bridge to Essex.

7 Multi, 8 Traditional