9. Mar, 2018

Puzzle In Stock - 6th March

The snow has departed so travel is easier. I was meeting the chaps in Billericay for a Thai as we often do. However after the banter and Mickey taking was over, I had to find a cache for the day.

About three miles north is Stock and there was a puzzle cache there from the BNB ((Brains Not Brawn) series published by Cazmockett that I had solved. I haven’t solved many of these, am I missing something here? However this puzzle called Mr & Mrs (BNB - 18) was based on a very popular series of children’s books so it was about my level.🤔

After finding a parking space down a very muddy track, I had a very quick find of a very well hidden cache. After doing the admin, I now had to get down the muddy and waterlogged lanes back to civilisation.😀

1 Mystery