11. Mar, 2018

Sunday Sojourn

Another Sunday, another early start and as usual, Kent here I come.๐Ÿ˜€ Just after dawn I was parking outside the Northfleet, Our Lady Church. There’s a trad here tucked away in the corner of a fence which was a very quick find.

Getting my bearings, I was off to a small series based in Not Such An Urban Wasteland.๐Ÿค” This open space is home to three caches. #1 was a recent DNF but a quick find for me. #2 proved to be a DNF for me. If it’s there tucked away under a charred footbridge, I’ll be surprised. #3 proved elusive for a while but I finally tracked down the well hidden cache. I could see that Shrubber dubber dub was about 400 yards away so I walked down there along a footpath alongside the police station. I had a quick find here and walked back on a different route to the car.

Over the Dover near a bridge over the railway line was a very quick find as was the Gravesend - All Saints CM. Moving on to - No Strings Attached, a 3/1.5 trad. This one did have a string on it and it was a quick find but the previous cacher had put a NM on it because it needed a new log. Why not put a replacement in rather that getting a Reviewer involved? ๐Ÿค”

My next cache at Gravesend - Methodist CM was the only non trad of the day. I’d solved the mystery some time ago but had a quick find today. I had a few quick C&Ds on the way to the Guardians of the Cache series. I parked up near #4 on a muddy lane. My plan was to do #4 to #1, retrace my steps to the car, the #5 to #7 and back to the car. This would finish my allotted time and then I’d have to go home.๐Ÿ™

#4 had been DNFed a couple of times recently but the hint couldn’t have been clearer and the cache any easier to find. This wasn’t the case at #3 though.๐Ÿค” The hint was good but the cache was absent so I decided to get it on the way back. #2 and #1 were quick finds of well hidden caches so I turned an set off back to #3. If it’s not at the top of the bank, it must be on the bottom. Right again, there it was, with the contents of the cache strewn around. I put it all back together and left the cache more enough where I found it. Now back across the muddy field to get on the path for #5.

It was a long, cold walk to this one but the cache was on show so I did the admin and hid the cache In a safe place. Now do I have enough time to get over to #7 and return? In a word no, so I went back to the car and after cleaning my boots set off for the final cache of the day. I found a decent parking place which be useful for #6 soon. I had a quick find of #7 so off to battle with the traffic at the tunnel.

1 Mystery 16 Traditional