13. Mar, 2018

What Are The Odds On That?

I’d arranged to meet Paul, the chap who I started work with in 1965, for lunch in Chelmsford. For the record, we are both history buffs whever the subject. Chatting on the phone in the week beforehand, he’d mentioned an old VR post box down the road from him. He said that it had been disused for about 15 years or more. I checked it up on the LBSG Directory and there was nothing matching that description in Rainsford Road.🤔

So after lunch in the City Centre, we went up to Rainsford Road for a look. There it was, a VR WB2087/2 that didn’t exist according to LBSG records. Now what are the odds on that? 😀

Paul had sorted out another couple of boxes nearby. As we were walking down to a E2R 1058/5-2 K type box, I saw a street sign, Mace Walk, that I recognised. I’d spoken earlier about the Quaker cemetery in Broomfield Road and mentioned that it was the subject of a multi - Marriages, Deaths and Naughty Boys - that I hadn’t been able to find.

The GZ was in Mace Walk so I showed him where I thought the cache was. As I was suited, I wasn’t going into the brambles.🤔  However I noted another possible host to hide a cache and there was a hole in the tree! So I stuck my hand in straight onto the cache. Now what are the odds on that? 😀 

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