15. Mar, 2018

Cambridgeshire or Hertfordshire?

It was about time that I reduced the number of gaps on my Jasmer grid. I checked on project.gc and there was nothing available in Essex but there were two likely candidates just over the border into Cambridgeshire. The first was Bombers - the remix, a 09/04 veteran overlooking Duxford airfield. However, to get there, I had to pass through Duxford Village and there were three multis, including two CMs there, so silly not to.😀 After successfully bagging the multis, I had a quick find  of the Jasmer.

I continued on to Litlington and found the recently DNFed CM. I was now off after my second Jasmer, Monty’s Hoard, placed in 05/05. However there were four trads from the Little Bridges series on the way. These were all found easily enough but Monty had hidden his hoard more carefully but I soon found the veteran ammo can tucked away in an old tree.😀 After re-tracing my steps across the muddy fields back to the CM, I cleaned up new new wellies and set off for my next target.

I was going to spend most of my day around Litlington so I had a quick detour to find the trad and multi based at the War Memorial at Steeple Morden airfield. So sad to see the long list of US and RCAF aircrew who gave their lives for our survival. RIP

I parked the car in the assigned parking area and set off on a long tiring circular walk. This took in the Litlington Locomote, the Litlington Loop and part of the Ashwell Street series’ plus four stragglers, three trads, the Litlington Clunch Pit Earthcache and the Loop bonus mystery. By the end, I’d logged 33 caches.

After resting and feasting, I took a roundabout route to Bassingbourn, adding the Royston Road and SideTracked Litlington trads to the day’s tally. I was sort of running out of time here and I knew that I was getting close to a 50 cache day. I managed to hit the bullseye with the CM, a multi based on the War Memorial and a trad from the Bassingbourn Blitz series. I also had three DNFs but I’m sure that I would have stopped once I got to 50.🤔

I thought that I was going to spend the day in Cambridgeshire but I was crossing the border with Hertfordshire so often, I didn’t know which county I was in most of the time.🙁 According to my health app, I did 22,630 steps, 17.9km and 5 flight of steps climbed.👍🏻

1 Earthcache 1 Mystery 5 Multi 43 Traditional