20. Mar, 2018

A- N - G

I’d spotted a challenge cache, GC3WYRE, Geocaching Name Challenge and it seemed right up my street. I can spell and VangeRover has ten letters so I almost qualified. The plan was to find caches that spell out my geocaching name and it was retrospective. I found the caches in order in my previous logs so wrote a note giving the details. The CO sent me a message saying that I didn’t qualify as the caches had to be found in order and within a week.šŸ¤¬

Ok, I’m up for a challenge.šŸ˜€ I’d found VS Crockenhill last Sunday so all I had to do was find A - N - G - E - R - O - V - E - R by next Saturday, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I had a couple of hours today so set about looking for letters. Now with almost 7K caches in the bag already, this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.šŸ¤” However, AMB - Take A Shot had recently been published in Benfleet, not that far away. There was always No #12 on Canvey which I’d DNFed twice and that recently retired Tractor Andy had kindly published Gusted Hall recently which was in Hawkwell. All doable in a couple of hours.šŸ˜€

“A“ soon tumbled when I found the well hidden trad in bushes next to Benfleet Church. I remember the long archived CM here. I parked up right next to No #12 and set on a third time lucky hunt. Previous cachers had mentioned thick gloves needed so I had come prepared. In fact, I did a lot of bramble pruning here but no joy. Almost on the point of giving up, I ignored the GPS and searched the fence on the other side of the road et voila! No need for gloves or secateurs at all.šŸ¤¬

I now had a drive down into Eastwood, back up into Hawkwell and up to the top of Gusted Hall Lane. There are a number of caches here on the Roche Valley Trail that I had found before so I was aquainted with the terrain. I soon found the cleverly hidden cache attached to its fearsome guardian. Now all I have to drive home and work out the plan for the next part of the challenge.

By the way, the Geospeak Planetary Pursuit Challenge has started and I’ve earned 15 points today for the three trads found. According to the souvenirs chart, I’ve earned two souvenirs, Earth and Venu. šŸš€šŸŒŽ

3 Traditional