26. Mar, 2018

Chalkwell Park - 25th March

I needed a couple of caches today and had a couple of hours spare. I could see a series of caches in Chalkwell Park so thought I’d drive down and have a wander. It was great to see the park so busy with children playing, boys playing football and families promenading on such a nice dry day.
Having parked up in the nearly full car park, I walked to the main building. I  spotted the Metal Art School building on the way so it was actually a building too, not a fancy name for a series of caches. I also noted a pop-up cafe cum bookshop so that would come in handy in a little while.šŸ˜€

There were five trad caches in the park and I quickly found the two caches from the Chalkwell Hall Cache series and the three from the Metal Art School series. At the #2 of this series, I decided that the cache was large enough and could be hidden enough, to place some TBs here, so I left three.šŸ¤«

Now was the time for coffee and cake in the pop-up cafe. The prices were good and the muffin was excellent. There was also a book shop attached to the cafe but nothin in there to interest me so my cash stayed in my pocket.

On the way home, I stopped off in Blenheim Chase for a quick find of the well placed A Knotty Affair trad. Nearby was an uncommon N type pedestal post box so that rounded the day off a treat.šŸ‘šŸ»

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