1. Apr, 2018

London Day Two - 30th March

Up nice and early, despite the head and the nightmares brought on by The Woman In Black. How two actors and an old laundry basket generate that much terror on a stage is beyond me. Such talent.

Right the plan is this! I need four caches to reach 7000 found. I have found a challenge cache where you need to find a different icon at each milestone so I need to get a puzzle or a virtual for cache #4. I’ve got onto this one much too late but I might get there sometime in the future. There’s also the added bonus of meeting the Inter-Planetary Challenge this morning too. That’s the plan, here’s how it went.😉

0650, out of the hotel and off to the other side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields for a quick find of the trad, It’s Not Easy Being Orange. What that’s all about, gawd knows. Quickly cutting through Great Turnstile and across High Holborn into Brownlow Street looking for Gray’s Inn : One Arm, Two Mouths. I wasn’t sure what I’d find here but this trad brought me to an old relic of London that I wouldn’t have seen ... etc. I had a quick find and moved on towards cache #3.

I crossed Theobalds Road looking for another delightfully named trad - It’s Not Easy Being A Purple Whatever. Another quick find and still no idea what the titles are about but now to move on to a significant milestone, cache #7000. I had chosen a virtual for this landmark and it was at another significant place, Trafalgar Square. Virtual Reward : The Fourth Plinth was what I was looking for and I had a quick find of the information. As I claimed the cache after sending the info off to the CO, I had a geospeak message saying that I had reached Pluto on the Inter-Planetary Challenge and also gained the Official Space Traveller souvenir.🚀💥

I had about an hour left before I had to be back so it was a quick walk down to Fleet Street for The London Rainbow Cache 1 : Red, a Virtual based on Doctor Johnson and the nearby trad, An Other GPS. Who would have expected a cannon in this quiet London Square? I then dropped down Whitefriars Street for Capturing the Moment, another well hidden trad. Blackfriars Bridge beckoned me for one of The Lost River Fleet series then I was quickly walking along the Embankment for LQ:CITY - Bazalgette’s Bank. I’ll have to find out more about the LQ series.🤔

There was just enough time to get up to the cunningly hidden TUBE SideTracked at Temple before I got back to the hotel room with two mugs of tea for 0900.it couldn’t have been planned better.🤔

2 Virtual 8 Traditional