1. Apr, 2018

Assiduous, Moi?

I’ve reached the stage in my geocaching “career” where I’ve amassed enough caches to meet some of the Challenge caches that are out there in geocaching land. As I’ve met a challenge, I’ve written a note. As part of the changes to Project.gc, these now pop up in a challenges section so I can keep tabs on them easier.

I’ve been working on a series of challenge caches in Scadbury Park Nature Reserve near Bexley. Rubyshoos, the CO had posted that she was going to archive the series very soon so I thought that I’d better make them a priorit. They are all placed on a circular walk around the park so I decided to get there as the sun rose and gather up all twelve that I qualify for.😀

I pulled into the free car park as the sun was peeking through the trees. The first cache, a 4/1.5 was Arboreal, based on gaining three tree climb attributes in a day. The rest of the successful caches were from 5/1.5 to 2/1.5. After completing the series, my next plan was to pop into Bexley to look for some Church Micros. I added two multis and two trads to my CM total.

Now all I had to do was get home through the tunnel by 1000.🤔

2 Multi 2 Traditional 13 Mystery