9. Apr, 2018

Shoreham Again - 7th April

I’m back in Shoreham, not the one by the sea, wherever that is but the delightful little Kentish village just 30 minutes from home on a very quiet run, especially at 0600. The plan is to find some, hopefully all of a couple of series of challenge caches on the outskirts of the village.

I parked up in a lay-by on the A225 just outside the village. There is a linear series of five challenge caches set by Rubyshoos that I’m after. I’ve qualified for them all and the D/Ts range from 3.5/2 through 4.5/3.5 to 5/3.5. What I wasn‘t expecting was the sudden rise in altitude though.

I found #1 and #2 without problem but suddenly the going got steep.☹️ By the time I got up to #3, I was gasping. It might be a good idea to hide the cache in a defibrillator station as one day someone is going to need it.🤫 Luckily the terrain flattened out and the rest of the series was easily found.😀 I reckon the going down was more dangerous than the way up.

I got back to the car and decided to leave it there. I walked down to SideTracked Shoreham which is so cleverly placed that it has had a number of DNFs recently but I struck lucky. 

The next series - Tribulations and Topography Challenge, again set by Rubyshoo, started almost immediately on a footpath running alongside the A225. I only qualified for three of the five, On Tour, Traditional and Unknown but I found all five easily enough. I only have to qualify for Multi and Ethereal now.😀 I now set out on a short walk round the village back to the car picking up three reasonably easy trads.

Next stop was the CM in the village. I’d had this on my list for a few visits down here over the past months and never got to it. This time I got all the info for the multi but the final coords didn’t make sense. I did contact the CO for help later and yet again, I’d got everything correct, well I would have done if I had read the requirements properly.😡

Now in the centre of the village, I revisited 2WW - Revisited, a multi based on a model of an Ostler near the local pub. It was MIA last time I was here but thankfully had been replaced recently. It was time to set off for home as the arrangemen is that I’m back home to make a cup of tea for the memsahib at 1000. On checking the best route home, I spot another two of the 2WW series, a trad and a multi just out of the village so #9 and #10 bite the dust.  

2 Multi 6 Traditional 8 Mystery 


On the fitness front, I acheived 10,974 step, 8.7Km and amazingly 33 flights of steps. I said that hill was steep.🙁