11. Apr, 2018

A Canvey Couple - 10th April

This is becoming a good habit. I’m getting a couple of hours on my own on a Tuesday and what better to do than look for a couple of caches not that far away.🤫

Today I’m visiting another island, Canvey Island, to look for - can you see the castle which I had DNFed and Take A Seat. They are both trads and the former has recently been replaced. This one took a while to find the cunningly concealed cache.

I took a seat in the bus stop but it was very busy and two buses came in whilst I was working out where the cache was.🙁 Once I was in the right place, I had a quick find of a well placed cache. All this caching had made me hungry so I went in a nearby cafe for coffee and a bacon roll. I used the cafe’s wifi to log my finds and then enjoyed lunch. I walked out of the cafe and ran into an old mate who has been living in France for the last 20 years! What were the odds on that.🤔


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