12. Apr, 2018

Twenty Multis In A Day

I need to complete my D/T grid. I need a 5/4.5 somewhere. I qualify for the Know Your Reviewers Challenge but that is up on the Northants and Beds border. I might also need a ladder to get a leg up on to the tree. Unfortunately I don’t have room for a ladder in my Ka.πŸ™

I espy another in Kent, the Multi/Earth Challenge Cache - Gold that needs 20 multis in a day or 15 multis and an Earthcache. I see that some geocachers have totally misread the qualication criteria and having found four ECs in a day, used that as a qualification.😑 How can the CO allow that? I have found five ECs in a day but as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t qualify me for this cache.

So this challenge cache is the one for me but it will take careful planning.πŸ˜€ Luckily there is a surfeit of multi CMs in Kent overlapping in Greater London which should give me the ideal opportunity to qualify. Normally I would avoid Kent and the Dartford Tunnel like the plague on a weekday but this school holiday week so the traffic on the roads should be a little lighter.πŸ€”

I worked out a route through Crayford, Slade Green, Erith, Belvedere, Northumberland Heath and Bexleyheath and now is the time to put the plan into action.πŸ‘πŸ» As day breaks, I am just outside Crayford at Coal Post #213, a fine example of these Victorian coal tax bound markers. The info was quickly found and the first multi of the day was in the bag, we‘re off and running.

I parked up in the big Sainsbury’s in Crayford. I wasn’t planning on paying for parking so had done some research on this too. In about an hour I had added Captain Crayford and the CMs, Crayford, Crayford - St Mary’s and Crayford - St Paulinus to the tally.

Up the road in Slade Green I found the easy trad CM Slade Green - Christian and the blooming difficult 3.5/1.5 CM Slade Green multi. This took me a while until I worked out where I was stupidly going wrong. Then it was a swift find of a cleverly placed cache.πŸ˜€

On the way to Belvedere, I picked up the multi at CM North End and the trad at Slade Green - Baptist. I also had a look for the CM Erith but GZ had been “landscaped” so I just wrote a note on it. 

Now Belvedere is rich in CMs and multis so I was expecting great things here. I found the Belvedere - Pentecostal and Unique Road Signs #1 multis and picked up a TB at the latter. I then had a decent run round Belvedere collecting up the Ichthus, St Augustine, Methodist, All Saints and Free Grace multi CMs. I had a DNF at Baptist but as someone else did the same the same day, I reckon that it’s more of a MIA. Later on when I logged the day’s finds, I spotted that Moore4us and myself were following each other around all day.🀫 

Leaving Belvedere behind, I added the multi CMs Northumberland Heath and St Paul to the total as well as the trad CM - Our Lady. Then a quick find of the multi CM Barnehurst - St Martin’s and then I was on the way to Bexleyheath. Having a count up, I was on 17 multis and it was getting on for 2 o’clock. I really didn’t want to leave it late and I had hoped to get the D/T filler in New Ash Green today, so I’d better crack on.

I had a quick cache & dash at the Bexleyheath - Bethany trad and then drove around to the free car park at Asda. Just the three to get and I quickly work out CM Christ Church but the coords put it back the way I had come so I shelved that until later on. I got to but saw that it would take a lot of time so gave that a swerve.🀫 I walked out to the CM St John Vianney, solved the multi and signed the log. The next multi was CM - Community and that was a quick find. I’m up at 19 so go back to CM Christ Church. This has be put in a place that’s passed by thousands of people a day. However no one batted an eye-lid as I sign the log sheet. So that was it, 20 multis on the day.πŸ˜€πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ However, the grid filler would have to wait for the weekend. It was now 1500 and I needed to get through the tunnel before the traffic got bad. So time to finish a splendid day’s geocaching.πŸ˜€

20 Multi 4 Traditional