14. Apr, 2018

It’s A D/T Grid Filler

Oh, there’s only one target today, the 5/4.5 MultI/Earth Challenge Cache - Gold in New Ash Green. Having qualified for it, two days ago, I’m busting a gut to get down here.😀 Once here, I had a quick find of a well placed cache. It was a bit of an anticlimax for a moment but I soon was buzzing  and put a message on twitter at 0650 that I’d filled my D/T grid.😀

I followed this up with Traditional/Event Challenge Cache - Silver that had eluded me before and then set off for the nearby CM Ash by Wrotham multi. I worked out the coords and they fitted well with the hint but no joy here. The CO had a look and said it was there and the cache has been found since So gawd knows what I was doing?🤔

I was safely parked up in the church car park which was going to be the base for a circular walk of some of the Rivrds Ramble and Rivrds Ramble Part II series. I made a great start with a DNF at #15 of the RR Part II series but it’s a MIA.🙁 I found #14 to #10 and then #20 & #19 before starting on the Rivrds Ramble series. 

I found #6 to #1 and then got back onto the other series. I had a DNF at #18 though. I had stupidly left my power bank lead in the car and the battery was down to about 5%. I’d have spent more time here but there were two more caches between me and the church car park.😢 I sprinted to #17 and #16 and luckily found them before the iPhone died.😀

Back at the car, I had to wait to get a bit of charge in the battery to fire up google maps to plot my way home. So a great morning and I had finally completed my D/T grid. So that’s it, there’s nothing left in Geocaching to achieve. Anyone need a used GPSr?😀

2 Mystery 14 Traditional 


On the fitness front, I took 11,864 steps, walked 8.9km and climbed 29 floors according to my fitness app.❤️