17. Apr, 2018

Belfairs Bunny Hunt

If you go down to the woods today, you‘re sure of a big surprise. I’m going to Belfairs Woods but I’m not expecting teddy bears, I’m looking for bunnies.๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡ The only problem is that they are invisible bunnies.๐Ÿค” I’m going to try out a wherigo cache - Invisibunny Hunt (Belfairs Woods).

I downloaded the wherigo onto my iPhone and I’ve got myself into the start zone. It all went well for a while and I captured three invisible bunnies. It was quite fun wandering around the woods an golf course but I’m sure it wasn’t working properly. I had a spate of bunnies splitting the scene just before I got there and when I did get into zone with an invisible bunny, nothing happened.

I restarted the iPhone as well as the wherigo and somehow I had captured six bunnies when I only needed five.๐Ÿค” More by luck than judgement, I somehow opened up the page giving the final coords which I quickly wrote down. So the program worked after a fashion and I was glad to have the final coords. However it had taken me 70 minutes to get this far.๐Ÿค” For the record, I had a quick of a well hidden cache at GZ.

I only had time for one more cache, the trad Belfairs - Branching Out. Once I got to it, it was an unusual type but one that I had come up against before. The routered broom handle takes some type to sort but eventually it opens up. Sometimes it takes longer to put back together than to dismantle it.๐Ÿ˜ก

1 Wherigo 1 Traditional