21. Apr, 2018

That’s Some Ford In Eynsford

It’s Saturday, it’s early and it’s time to get some caches in Eynsham in Kent. Just 30 minutes away, this time of the morning and as dawn breaks, I cross the bridge in the picture and park just down from the ford. I quickly found the well placed - down by the riverside and then walked across the bridge up to the High Street to tackle the CM and the VS multis.

The CM was fairly easy but the VS was more of a challenge and the cache at GZ was a very clever idea. It took me ages and I was standing next to the cache for most of that time!😀 Looking at the map, I checked what else was about and spotted the mystery Really SideTracked Lullingstone Station Cache. I had solved this some time ago but I put the coords on the map and it was nearby, well a mile up the road. It was difficult to park but I found somewhere and the cache was very cleverly hidden but I had soon unraveled the tiny log and put the cache back as found.

There were a few challenge caches on my list today but I wasn’t sure if I could find a decent path from Eynsford. I could see that there was a footpath along a track up near Eagle Heights but wasn’t sure if I can park there. It was early so I took a chance. I broke records getting down the track to two trads JJCL13 and 14.😀 I thought that I could get down to 9WTF and 10WTF Challenge  so I broke more records getting down there. Buoyed with my speed, I rode my luck one more time and got down to The “Dark” Month Challenge cache, a 4.5/2 beauty.😀 I scorched the path getting the mile back to the car and thankfully, there was no one around and no clamp on the car.🤫

Pleased with my efforts, I drove to Lullingstone Roman Villa, hoping that I could find somewhere to park to try to pick off a couple of the WW Revisited series. I found a decent spot and quickly found #15, a multi and #16, a trad. I realised that I had time to get down to get down to #11 and back in the time that I had. 

This series alternates between trad, multi, trad etc., so there were two of each to find. They were all fairly easy to find apart from #14, a multi. I couldn’t get any decent coords for this so did the others and came back to it. The idea was to use the digits from the emergency telephone number on an electricity pole. However on the return, I realised that I’d been looking at the wrong number.🤬 After sorting out the coords, I had a quick find of a well placed cache. 😀

This brought me nicely to 0920 so I had enough time to get home by 1000, if the Dartford Tunnel permits.😀

4 Mystery 5 Multi 6 Traditional