4. May, 2018

Colchester 3rd May

This week I’m going to spend a day to the south of Colchester. I‘m after a few caches that I’ve had on my list for a while. I started early and just after dawn, I’m at Joran Dax (Star Trek), a trad cache just opposite Copford sewage works. This is a good source of Yellow Wagtails in the Spring.

I‘d DNFed here before and today, I did clear up a few previous DNFs which was a good result. These included The Abberant One, Boo Gets Camouflaged, Lexden & Winstree Union Workhouses and By The Light Of The Lonely Streetlight trads.

I had my first look at the Foxy’s Blocks series which are really interesting and I want to do more. If only I understood what some of them are on about.🤔 I did a clever series of trads - Happy Christmas, Lab Rules and Holy Water - which were great fun to do.😀

There were a few decent historically based caches near the old Army Garrison - Colchester Roman Circus and St John’s Gate House which were really interesting. However the historical highlight was up on the Hilly Fields recreation ground which I found out was the site of two Roundhead batteries that fired on the Royalist positions during the Siege of Colchester.😀

I finished up catching up with some of the new caches in Frantica‘s series around the modern army camp. 

 1 Mystery, 1 Multi, 26 Traditional