5. May, 2018

Mopping Up Around Meopham

As usual, I’m heading down in to Kent early doors at the weekend. The plan was to mop up some of the stragglers around Istead Rise and Meopham. The trads and the multi VS fell pretty quickly and then I moved on to a few of the Nash Street Bash series. I had hoped that these were C&Ds but there was nowhere to park down the street or was it a lane?🤔 So I left the start of this series for another da.

The TuGS C&Ds series definitely lived up to its name and I picked quite a few of these. I ended up in Sole Street and decided that two of the Sole St Footpaths series and three of the Nash Street Bash series were within reach. I need to come back and clear up around here.

Add the multi CM Nurstead and the SideTracked Meopham trad to the mix and I had a very good morning.

4 Multi, 14 Traditional