8. May, 2018

Team Caches, Love Em Or Leave Them?

So what do you think about these Team caches that are out there?

A group of cachers from different countries around the world, team up to work out the coords of a Mystery cache in a country. A cacher from that country signs the log sheet for everyone in the team.

The dilemma is whether you then want to claim the cache. I usually get contacted regarding a Team cache and asked for the UK portion of the coords, which is usually just one of the digits. Sooner or later, I get a message saying that the coords have been worked out, my name has been signed in the log and I can claim it.

This particular cache is GC7MM0D - Ireland, all around the world. I have “qualified” for caches in Australia, Portugal and Canada but I haven’t claimed them as I haven’t already cached in those countries. However this cache is in Bray near Dublin and as I had a great day in Bray on February 1st, this time, I’m going for it.🤔

Am I right or am I wrong?

1 Mystery