11. May, 2018

Clare - Cavendish - Clare Circular - 10th May

I needed a long walk. I have had my eye on a long circular just across the Essex And Suffolk border. In fact, the first part starts in Clare and travels along the northern part of the River Stour into Cavendish and crosses the river and trundles through Essex and back across into Suffolk into Clare. So today, I am tackling Shush, It’s A Secret, a 38 cache circular with another couple of caches chucked in.😀

I started early just after dawn with a tree climb at #1 and just carried on walking, picking off 31 caches in the day. I DNFed six of the series, including the VS in Cavendish as well as the multi CM Cavendish URC. I also missed out on the Shush series Mystery which doubled as the CM Clare. I just didn’t get all the numbers to work out the coords.🙁 I did collect the multi CM Cavendish and its cunningly placed final, though.😀

1 Multi 30 Traditional