15. May, 2018

Swanley Is Challenging - 13th May

It’s time for a foray into Kent to pick up some of jazzyjessups challenge caches situated around Swanley. Just after dawn and I’ve pulled off the M25 and parked at the top of a residential street near a cluster of challenges.

First on the list is the Another SideTracked Challenge. To qualify you “just“ have to find enough SideTracked stations that begin with at least 17 different letters of the alphabet. Right across the fields near the railway line is a well hidden cache.

Nearby is the Repetitive Accumulation Challenge series. There are five challenges - “just” find 25,  50, 100, 150 and 200 caches per month for twelve months.😬 I easily qualify for the first three. I thought that I’d done enough for the fourth one but read the grid wrong. There’s no chance on 200 a month for a year. The caches were easily found even the fourth but I can’t claim it.🙁 But I’m working towards it.😀

I had to drive down to the Church Micro: Resurrection Challenge. This one took a time to qualify for. It’s a bit hit and miss. Five CMs that you have found get archived, then someone resurrects them, then you find the new CMs and you qualify for the cache.🤔 The cache is a quick find.😀

I try to find some more of the WTF Challenge caches. Two were successful but two were MIA.☹️ I found 74 - find a caches in two countries outside the UK, and 76 - find at least one Large cache outside the UK. Luckily I have found one of these, in the Tourist Office in Helsink, Finland.

I couldn’t find nos. 75 and 77 but I do qualify so I’ll have to wait for them to be sorted out. The final cache of the day was the M25 Junction “British Counties“ Challenge. I have found caches in each country in the UK and found caches in at least 33 of the British counties and other challenges so I qualify. I had another quick find here and nicely situated to get on the M25.👍🏻

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