17. May, 2018

Bridging The Stour

Last week, I spent the day caching around Clare so I thought I’d spend some time up above Colchester maybe straying into Suffolk around Polstead. During the day, I came across caches that I’d visited before and failed to find but had not logged.πŸ€” I will definitely DNF every cache that I can’t find from now on.πŸ‘πŸ» 
The first cache of the day is Grail Quest - Leodegrance, part of a series based on ancient knights. As I approached the cache, I realised that I’d been here before. I’d approached from another direction, obviously DNFed but not bothered to log it.πŸ™

I worked my way up to Stratford St Mary with three trads and the multi at CM Langham. The photo  was taken in Langham church yard. I parked up near the lock in Stratford and set off across the Stour. I was after a small series of trads based on Walt Disney. All the caches were the actual characters which was amusing. I followed the Stour to the end of the series and followed on with another mini series of trads based on Star Trek. That left me with the task of re-tracing my steps back to Stratford. I decided to make a detour and pick up two more trads, I’m Not Roman and Pack Your Trunk. This saved me going out of my way later.

Back in Stratford, I picked up the two remaining caches, both trads, rooty tooty, which has caused a quite a few problems for cachers in the past and then which doctor?? I then did a few drive boys, all trads including a couple of the SEBC series up to Big Triangle. Cock - a - doodle doo in Polstead. I’d failed here before but this time I had a quick find of a wickedly place cache.

It was then that I noticed the Community Shop across the green. I went in there and ordered a takeaway coffee and cake for £1.60.πŸ˜€ Whilst the lady was making my coffee with her back to me , I said to her “it’s a good job that I’m honest, isn’t it” so she turned and asked “why” so I pointed to the large wad of notes that she’d left on top of the till.😬 I thought that she might have let me off the £1.60 but no joy.πŸ˜€ 

I now had Boxford in my sights.πŸ˜€ I had a DNF at Holt Road and 105 SEBC: Boxford. However I found another one of the Water Tower series at Bower House Tye and had a paddle in the ford retrieving Twinkle Toes. I had a quick find at the multi at CM Boxford. One day this one will end up in the river though.πŸ€” It was now time to work my way back south.

I had been watching the Shopping List series for a while and these trads were next on my agenda. It’s always difficult tackling caches by a CO new to me. You have to get an idea on how they construct their series. In this one, the hints were actually about the cache container which were in camo bags so, in fact, no hint at all.πŸ™ I found two and DNFed two. I tucked in the trad Just Nowhere betweven the last DNF and tha was it for the day. All I had to look forward to the drive home.😬

 28 caches 

2 Multi 26 Traditional