27. May, 2018

Essex Way - Way Out Ongar Way

My original plan today was to pop down into Kent for a couple of hours. However when I saw this section of the Essex Way : Ongar to Cannon’s Green, had been re-published yesterday, I had a change of plan and thought I’d come up here instead. I didn’t think that any FTFs would be available but I knew that it would be a decent walk.

I decided to park the car in High Ongar and tackle the northern section and then the southern section. I statrted at 0600 and got to #9 to 0607. I found a clear log sheet and knew that it could be my lucky morning.😀 There were a lot of nettles on route but the recent re-setting of the caches by the CO meant that there had been some decent nettle bashing in strategic places.👍🏻

I worked my my way up to #20 catching FTFs all the way and then retraced my steps back to the car. I then tackled the southern section of #8 and on down to #1 without difficult. Amazingly, I was still finding blank log sheets.😀 So I had clocked up 20 FTFs which was a record for me.

Near the end of the walk was the final stage of a multi cache - The End Of The Central Line. I had solved this some time ago but hadn’t been back this way to claim it. The coords took me straight to a place meeting the hint details.😀 I had a quick find here but the cache needed some maintenance which I was able to carry out which should keep it safe for a while.🤔 Now all I had to do was to walk back to High Ongar.🙁

Once I’d got back to the car, I knew that I had an hour to play with so I decided to pick up some orphans around Kelvedon Hatch.🤫 I found three of the Blakes7 series that had been on my watch list for some time. I decided to leave the Bonus cache for another day.

I had DNFed Father Douglas, part of a Father Ted series a couple of times before but today I went straight to the sneakily placed cache. That just left the one cache left on my list today - Days Lane. This was another DNF but again quickly found.

It was here that I got chatting to a couple of walkers about Geocaching. One of their daughters had tried it but they were keen to give it a go. Needless to say that I gave them the spiel and they said that they were going to try it.👍🏻 As we parted company, we spotted a Red Kite drifting above us which perhaps was the perfect end to the morning.😀

1 Multi 25 Traditional