30. May, 2018

Bashing Around Burwash

I have been looking at a Challenge Cache where the qualification was to get 50 caches from ten different English counties. It was possible if I planned it right and East Sussex could be one of those counties. I had spotted a circul series down here called the Burwash Bash which had 51 caches in this series. That was doable in a day so the series as on my agenda. 

I realised last night that it was the school holidays so I expected the traffic to be lighter than normal. I grabbed the chance to come down into East Sussex from Essex to increase my tally from this county. I parked up in the free car park in Burwash just after 0700 and set off for #1. 

I didn’t realise how much rain had fallen down here yesterday as the bushes and paths were still soaking wet.🙁 I got to GZ and quickly found the cache thanks to the clever hint. As I was signing the log sheet, I noted the time was 0714, so I’m off but not running. 

To tell the truth, the series was a slog. It didn’t rain but I was wet from the thighs down for the rest of the day, thanks to the wet, high grass covering most of the circuit. I had a couple of DNFs but they will have to stay unfound. I don’t think that I’ll be back in this neck of the woods for a long time.🤔 Still, I got my 50 caches.

The photo is of a LNER sign that I spotted on the walk.

 2 Multi 48 Traditional