9. Jun, 2018


Here we are down in Kent early doors at the weekend. Through the tunnel early to save at least one charge and I’m at my first target just after dawn. This was the tricky 4/1 trad - 30. Troll Stroll. Urban Stroll. I had a quick find here and luckily there were no twitching curtains at this time of the morning.

Next up was another nemesis cache, the mystrey Historical Aviation. Now I’ve solved the puzzle, navigated the checker and searched GZ with the skill of a police SoCo but still no joy. However people are still logging it as found.šŸ¤” It ain’t there, peeps.ā˜¹ļø

I now moved on to the excellent WW Revisited series and picked off #17 to #25 only missing out on the multi at #22. Reminds me of that Benny Hill number “Fastest Milkman in the West“ and Two Ton Ted from Teddington.šŸ˜¬ I messed up the sums here. I’ll have to go back but it’s a git to get to.

The last cache of the day is another nemesis - CM Shoreham. I’ve solved this multi and had help from the CO. What wasn’t mentioned is that there are two hint items at GZ, one back in the thicket but I didn’t know that, did I.šŸ˜€ Still I get to visit this place one more time, at least.šŸ¤”

3 Multi 6 Traditional