12. Jun, 2018

Glemsford TAB series

This loop was not on my agenda for today but I spotted it late last night and changed my plans. It took me 80 mins to drive here and I parked up at Glemsford Church at 0800. The series consists of 46 caches, mostly trads with a couple of multis and a letterbox  over an eight mile stretch.

As I approached #1, I could see that there was a DNF last time out. After about 15 mins, I found the cache buried deep in the ivy so we are off to a good start. It was fairly easy going until I got to #5 and the cache under a river bridge eluded me.

I soon got back in the swing of things until I came a cropper at the #26 multi. This was a two stager; find one, get the coords for two, guess what.😬 I was soon back on target and after #32, I took a detour down to the CM at Cavendish URC. I’d failed here a few weeks back but got a hot tip on the final GZ. Even so, it still took me a while to find the cunning blighter. Still it was a 4.5/1.5 multi which is the final D that I need for a challenge cache down in Shoreham, Kent based on multis.😀

It was becoming tiring and I was successful up until #41 where my “pray for forgiveness” - the hint - were unsuccessful. At #43, I was almost out for the count and gave up after about ten mins. I grabbed the rest of the series apart from the CM near where the car was parked. that will have to wait for another day.😀 A very successful but a tiring day.

44 caches