14. Jun, 2018

The Hot Dog Stand

ROH, a cacher from South Woodham Ferrers (I think) has been prolifically setting up traditional caches around the town. SWF is just twenty minutes down the road so a good place to come to when I need a cache for the day.

I‘d DNFed one cache here recently so I was back to have another go. Bancrofts is on an industrial estate of the same name. Crouch Vale Brewery started here but I don’t know if they are still operating from here. I certainly can’t smell any malt or hops in the vicinity.

The cache is actually placed on a hot dog stand which is usually packed out with visiting truckers. So I’m here out of hours, hoping for a clear run at the cache. I had a very quick find this time, gawd knows what it would be like with an audience.😬

I found another couple of caches here, New Life and Broughton Road. The last one reminds me on that old band from the late 60s - The Edgar Broughton Blues Band. I wonder how he’s doing now?

NB. They were still touring until 2010. Edgar is now a solo performer.

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