22. Jun, 2018

Buena Bures- Bueno

Today I’m going back to Bures on the Essex and Suffolk border to clear up a few caches especially the Buena Bures series. I need to pick up a few stragglers on the way through Fordham.

I started the day by parking up by the bridge over the River Colne in Fiddlers Hill, Fordham and setting off for the trad Grail Quest - Peredur. This is part of a series and each cache has a bonus number to find the mystery Holy Grail.šŸ˜€ Once I‘d tramped the best part of a mile up to and through the woods, I still had to check out a number of fallen Knights (trees) to find the well hidden cache.

I walked all the way back to the bridge and then on to the trad Tiddlywinks71 on the banks of the Colne. This one was supposedly guarded by an American Bald Eagle. Actually it was but either the cache had crept or the Eagle had left his post for a while. I eventually spotted this one, I needed eagle eye vision here.

I walked a bit further along the Essex Way to try some more of the Phobophobia series, picking off Arachnophobia and Dendrophobia. I obviously don’t have a phobia with these. I’m in trouble if there’s a Rattusphobia.šŸ˜¬

It was now time to get into the heart of Fordham but not before I’d quickly found the trad Piffle 44 Flash Cache. Beastmarsta has recently published theee multis in the village based on the VS, War Memorial and the Village Hall. These were soon added to the haul so time to visit the local post office cum shop for a paper and chocolate.šŸ¤” I opened the Mars bar and it was white. Hmm, a new variety until I checked the sell by date and it was six months past that.šŸ™ No problems with the replacement though, yum.

i worked my way up into Bures via Wormingford, Lamarsh and Bures Hamlet picking up a variety of caches, multis, trads, VSs, some of the SEBC series. The one that stood out was Bures Norman Trio. This one is based on the Norman mound and church. There was something else of Norman origin but that never showed itself to me. 

I then carried on through Bures and out the other side with the Bueno Bures series with only the one failure at Your Hair Is A Mess. I got to about 1500 and decided to head for home via West Bergholt. There were a couple of new CMs and a VS here courtesy of the Beastmarsta and these were soon added to the day’s takings.

5 Multi 25 Traditional