25. Jun, 2018

CTP Series and More - 24th June

I had seen the County Trivial Pursuits (CTP) - Greater London  series a few weeks ago and quickly solved all the mystery puzzles. There were 18 Mystery caches including two bonus caches in the series which formed a circular route around Well Hill and Chelsfield in Kent.

I decided that I would come down here for a couple of hours this morning to tackle the circuit and a few more caches that I would pass on the way. I pulled up in the Bo-Peep pub car park just after 0600 and was pleased to find that there was permission to park here. I found the info for CTP Bonus 1 and worked out the coords so I knew where about on the circuit that it would be.

The walk was straightforward and there were few problems on route. When I got to Chelsfield, I sorted the VS and the Half A Fine Pair multis. The GZ for the latter was at the side of the nearby cricket ground. Amazingly there was an adult game going on at 0815. 😬

I finished the walk almost back where I started in Well Hill but still had the CTP Bonus 2 Cache to get. However I detoured slightly off route to sort out the Kent Ragstone Earthcache. I really enjoy an EC and Ragstone is a recently new rock to me, having first finding it at the CM Meopham EC. Nearby was the Fine Pair - Well Hill multi which was soon solved. On the way back to the car, I found the CTP bonus, more thanks to the hint as the coords were well out.🙁

1 Earthcache 3 Multi 18 Mystery