29. Jun, 2018

A Long Quest In Melford - 28th June

I have had the Milford Quest series in Long Melford, Suffolk on my radar for quite a while now. The series has 23 trads/multis and a bonus over a four mile trek but a quick scan of the logs showed that there were a few DNFs.🙁 I have been coming up this way for the past few weeks so decided to tackle this series today. Whether I chose the right day due to the heat is another story. I parked up in the car park near the Old School at 0800. 

I had a great start with a DNF at #1. I picked up a bit but over the series, I failed to find six trads and a multi.☚ī¸ However, I did resuscitate Mr Ts Rest which hadn’t been found since 26/11/16, which was nice.😉 I found the CM at Liston and had a decent 1.5/4.5 tree climb on the way though.😀

Back in town, I found a trad and DNFed the VS whilst walking back to the car. I had taken the opportunity for a TAF about #1 whilst I was walking and their memory banks were spot on.😀 After my lunch, I decided that the weather was too hot so knocked off a couple of caches in Long Melford including the CM and set off for home.

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