1. Jul, 2018

I was frightened for a minute or two!

My early morning foray into Kent is again to the Well Hill area. This week I’m after the Letterbox Quest series which surprisingly is all Letterbox caches. As you may remember, I have an interest in real Letterboxes so I had solved all the caches some time ago. I now note that some of the series has been archived but I’m going to look for them all because there are the coords to the Bonus cache in one of them. I parked up in the Bo-Peep carpark and set about the series.

The start of a new series is difficult but before I could get going, I had to work out a puzzle cache so I knew where the final stage for this was on route. Once this was done, I was off down the very quiet lane. The second cache was a quick find but there were problems ahead.🤫

I walked along the footpath from #2 and about 40 yards from the roundabout, I saw a car. I thought that was an odd place to park and then realised that the car hadn’t been parked; that’s where it had ended up!!! I could see that the airbags that been activated and thought Oh-oh, there may be someone in there.

I gingerly approached the driver’s side door but luckily for me and the driver (and passenger?), the car was empty. I had to go out onto the main road past the small building to carry on my journey.
I then took stock of what must have happened. The car had come down the A224, slightly clipped the kerb on the left, miraculously passed between the two road signs, gone straight into the hedge and kept on going for about thirty yards.

The rest of the circuit was spectacularly un-eventful. I found all the caches except for one of the archived ones and ended up at the Kent Ragstone EC that I’d found a couple of weeks ago. Now I was aware of a bonus cache but I’d only half-heartedly read it. I thought that the coords would be in one of the caches or there would be numbers to find and convert into coords.

I was less than impressed that the bonus was based on the actual Letterbox stamps. 🤯 Add to that, the fact that I have a Letterbox series and the bonus is based on the numbers on the stamps. Do you know anyone who actually uses the stamps? Anyway, it’s my own fault, baby. I have a notion to collect all the stamps of this series in the future to get the bonus.😀

I decided to work out my frustration by walking up the hill to pick a mini-series based on the 2012 London Olympics. I found all three caches but then realised that I didn’t qualify for one of them. I suppose, I got disqualified for stepping out of the lane. Whilst I was down this lane, I carried on to look for the trad Phone For Help If Lost. This was a real pig to find and I only found it by using photos in previous logs.

To finish off the day, I went looking for the Well Hill Mission CM multi. This mission was out in the middle of nowhere. Once I had worked out the coords, I had a quick find. All I had to do now was walk down the hill to the car.

1 Traditional 2 Mystery 14 Letterbox