9. Jul, 2018

Green Street Green - Revisited 7th July

The plan for my weekly visit into Kent is to walk the short section of the Green Street Green circular walk and pick up a few more caches on the way. I also knew that if I found 21 caches this morning, I would gain the World Turtle souvenir for the Hidden Creatures series. It will be tight as I need to home for 1000. I parked up in the nearby church car park at 0550 and set off on the walk.
First up was Zambezi flows through Zambia and Zimbabwe. I needed a Mystery Cache beginning with “Z” and this one fitted the bill. I had an idea what the hint meant and I had a fruitless search for about ten minutes until I finally put my hand on the cache.

I didn’t realise how hilly it was around here. However it was a pleasant walk even though it was very humid. I had five DNFs on the series but I didn’t do all that I wanted due to the time factor. I did pick up a couple of CMs at Pratts Bottom and Chelsfield Methodist though. I thought that I was in danger of not finding enough caches to get the souvenir but luckily the World Turtle flashed up once I’d found the elusive Where Is The Canary. It wasn’t a canary though, it was a pine cone, work that one out. 

This was my penultimate cache of the day and another elusive one near Chelsfield Church nicely rounded off the morning. Now let’s hope that there are no hold-ups around the Dartford Tunnel.😀

1 Mystery 21 Traditional