11. Jul, 2018

Crankshaft Alignment Sensor

This wasn’t what I had planned for the day. As I dropped my daughter off at the station this morning, an amber warning light popped up on the car dashboard.🤯 To cut a long story short, I had a deteriorating crank shaft sensor which needed changing.☹️

As this could demobilise the car at any time and I needed it for the Yorkshire Mega, it was
best to replace it NOW. That’ll be an hour and £116, sir.🤯 With an hour to kill, it was right to walk up here for this cache and to do a maintenance check on a few of my caches in the area.

I had been here some time ago, failed to find but not logged it.🙁  This time I had a quick find of a very well positioned cache. I had to go up to the nearest supermarket to buy a pen and then I signed the log sheet.

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