16. Jul, 2018

Just You Wait, Rose!

You are probably as fed up with my car problems as I am. Luckily I was able to get an appointment in a main dealership’s diagnostic centre early this morning in Billericay. As I needed a cache today to keep my sequence going, I had my eye on this cache as it was on my way to the bus stop to get home. 

I hadn’t noticed this rest area before so sat down to read my paper and started carefully feeling around for the cache. I quickly had the cache in hand and signed the log sheet. After replacing the cache, I set off for the bus (which I missed.)

NB. the car problem was this - the crank shaft sensor was faulty. So the original was faulty, the replacement was faulty, the replacement‘s replacement was faulty and the manufacturer‘s replacement seems to be wor ok. I still won’t travel too far from home until I am confident though.🤔

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