19. Jul, 2018

Back On Track?

After the problems with the car recently, I’m staying closer to home this week. In fact, I’m carrying on the list where I left off last week. I was on the last stage of the Wander Through Wickham Bishops multi last week when the car started playing up. I knew that the VS was missing and the CO had kindly furnished me with the information that I needed. So this week I was off to a good start.

The next stop was the small green in Great Totham where two of Mr Crow’s multis were residing. The first was a Fine Pair that took me all around the green looking for clues. However the other was a VS which turned out to be a poignant memorial. In October 1952, two Gloster Meteor jets from North Weald crashed nearby with the loss of both pilots. The green was a marshalling point for the RAF personnel organising the recovery. How many of the drivers going past know about this tragedy?

Further up the road towards Tiptree near the Great Totham post office is a bus shelter. How many passers by know that it is also a memorial to the locals who died on active service during WW2? This is also the location of one the multis set by kareninwb. This is a really clever one using info that I hadn’t seen used before.

Just as you leave the village, there’s a little series, Polycaches, set by Mr Crow, which consists of a trad, three multis and two mysteries. I usually steer clear of this COs mysteries but behind the scenes, I’m slowly, very slowly coming to terms with them. For some reason, I’ve shied clear of the first four of the series but, hey, while I’m in the neighbourhoo, why not! I found the trad which gave me some information which led me into the coords of the multis. This was a great little series.

I was taking it easy because of the heat so found a couple of easy trads followed by having to report a MIA at the RST Tiptree trad. I spent a good 90 mins gathering info for the RST Tolleshunt Knights multi. At one of the stages was one of the last surviving relics of the Crab & Winkle line, a fine brick bridge shown in the photo.

I finished off the day with a quiet circular walk along footpaths later on looking for a CM in Bicknacre. I found the trad ok with one of the COs trademark logs but couldn’t spot the church in the woods. As I got to the main road, I suddenly spotted the church. Now I have passed this place milyons of times and never noticed it. 🤔 

3 Traditional 8 Multis