22. Jul, 2018

OSGood iSgood

OSGS has been playing on my mind. What does that remind me of? Well hold on to your hat! In 1964, West Ham won the FA Cup. My cousin Stefan, was a Hammer and wanted me to go with him to the 4th Round home tie vs. Chelsea in January 1965 so we went and queued up for tickets really early on outside the Boleyn. 

The teams came out to warm up and the Pensioner’s (that was still their nickname then) fans were chanting Osgood is Good. This was after their centre forward Peter Osgood, who unfortunately for Stefan, scored the only goal of the game. So that’s where OSGS comes in.🤫

OSGS (Orange Striped Garter Snake) is a circular series of eighteen caches including a bonus start set by jazzyjessups in Crockenhill in Kent. It’s a mix of trads, letterboxes and multis with the mystery bonus. I was over there just after dawn having picked up one of the same COs WTF series of challenge caches in Swanley. 

This 3/2 challenge was to find a Wherigo cache in two different overseas countries. I had found one in Czechia, Ireland, Greece and Latvia so I’d qualified. It was silly not to pick up the cache on the way.😀

I walked the OSGS circuit but broke off halfway to add a section of an unnamed circular series of trads to bolster the route. This series originated in nearby Chelsfield and fitted in well with OSGS.There were few problems on this section apart from one git called “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”🤔

I completed all of the OSGS series except for one DNF but the information for the bonus was missing so no joy on that one. I did, however, find a mystery “The Fairy Prince” to cheer me up on the way home.😀

2 Mystery 3 Multi 8 Letterbox 13 Traditional